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The Israel of God
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520 W. 138th St.
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Welcome to The Israel of God

(The Original Christians)

The Israel of God is a Bible Study Class. Our purpose is to teach the uncut word of God according to the Prophets (Old Testament) and the Apostles (New Testament). We observe the Lord’s Sabbath Day, the Lord’s Feast Days (as outlined in Leviticus 23rd chapter), and the Lord’s Dietary Law (as outlined in Leviticus 11th chapter). We teach and observe the Royal Law, which is the Ten Commandments.

We also believe in the resurrection and that Jesus is the King of Israel who will rule over the House of Jacob forever. We believe Jesus is the God of all people and his house “shall be a house of prayer for all people”. (Isaiah 56:7)

It is not the policy of The Israel of God to criticize anyone that wear fringes or any other attire. We are in the business of ministering and promoting the word of God. We do not condone any of our members displaying disrespectful behavior whether in person or on social media. To the brothers that are out there doing this in the name of The Israel of God, please Cease and Desist.

This does not mean we allow fringes in The Israel of God. We just do not want our members attacking people that decide to wear them. It is our job to educate people on biblical topics but not to aggressively condemn others. God added fringes because of sin to remind us to keep the commandments, but under the new covenant, God will put his laws in our hearts and in our minds. Therefore, fringes are no longer needed to remind us to keep the law. We still do not allow people to wear fringes in The Israel of God.