To the Israel of God


Get here before 12 pm CT to fellowship, praise
and worship with IOG Youth and Adult Gospel Choir.


Starts right after praise and worship!
Be sure to have your Bible, pen, and
notebook ready for the Word of God!


Join us after class in the Annex.
Bring your lunch and fellowship with
your Brothers and Sisters in Christ


Please remove any head covering upon entering the building and while in the building. Do not wear sleeveless shirts, short pants, tight-fitting pants, fleece jogging pants or any other revealing pants. Younger brothers: Please wear belts on your pants and pull them up on your waist, tuck your shirt tail in your pants, and if you’re wearing overalls, wear the straps on the shoulders.


Please wear a head covering, such as a hat, scarf, etc. This is required. Do not wear pants, shorts, skorts, mini or tight-fitting bottoms, halter tops of any kind or revealing splits. Please wear modest apparel only.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bible Study Class starts at 12 PM ET each Saturday.

We have a sabbath school for the little ones. 

Bring a Bible ( KJV ) and notebook for the lesson. Also a packed lunch for after-class fellowship. 

According to 1 Corinthians 11:10 KJV,  women are required to wear a head covering,  such as a head scarf or hat. Click here for an explanation on the head covering.

It is not the policy of The Israel of God to criticize anyone that wears fringes or any other attire. We are in the business of ministering and promoting the word of God. We do not condone any of our members displaying disrespectful behavior whether in person or on social media. To the brothers that are out there doing this in the name of The Israel of God, please Cease and Desist.

This does not mean we allow fringes in The Israel of God. We just do not want our members attacking people that decide to wear them. It is our job to educate people on biblical topics but not to aggressively condemn others. God added fringes because of sin to remind us to keep the commandments, but under the new covenant, God will put his laws in our hearts and in our minds. Therefore, fringes are no longer needed to remind us to keep the law. We still do not allow people to wear fringes in The Israel of God.