Lazarus was a man that Jesus loved, but he died of an sickness and Jesus went to where he was buried to perform a miracle of bringing him back to life to the glory of the Father in heaven. Upon Lazarus’s resurrection, many people witnessed his newness of life and was converted to believe in Jesus Christ. Well this didn’t sit well with the enemies of Christ, so they sought to kill Lazarus and send him back to the grave. This story of a man’s restoration and the subsequent plot to diminish his positive influences on others is a testimony that we can also relate to. The Lord loved us, saw us dead in sin sickness and came to deliver us. He took away the stone that was our heart, called our name, and brought us out of darkness into the marvelous light of his truth. He removed the filthy rags of our righteousness and placed his righteousness upon us through faith in him. Now as we let our light shine for others to see and to glorify our Father in heaven. The enemy seeks to dim that light, dooming us to a second death. The question is will the plot work or will we resist?