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 The Godhead 2017
The Punishment of Israel Is From God and No One Else 2017The Servant of God, Who Is and Who Is Not, Their Fruits Will Tell 2017
The Spirit of God in it's Many Forms Part 3, 4 The Thoughts of Your Mind & The Air That You Breathe 2017The Covenants 2017
The 8th Day Feast 2017Moses, God's Prophet & Lawgiver to all Generations 2017
The Feast of the Tabernacle 2017The Day of Atonement 2017
The Spirit of God in it's Many Forms Part 2 The Spirit that Fills You 2017The Memorial of Blowing of Trumpets 2017
The Spirit of God in it's Many Forms Part 1 The Spirit of Truth 2017The Hour of Temptation 2017
World History According to the Prophets 2017The Servants of God: Separated and Persecuted 2017
Wisdom Is Justified By Her Children 2017Grace, A Free Gift Retained By Keeping The Law 2017
The Circumcision 2017The Last Three Battles 2017
The Future Kingdom Identified By the Past 2017The Three Covenants 2017
A Prophet Like Unto Moses 2017Israel Was And Still Are Christians 2017
The Soul is the Body, Not Inside the Body 2017The Replacement of Two Laws with the Change of the Intercessor 2017
Born Once Into Man's Family, Born Again Into God's Family Wilderness, The Place of Safety
The Sabbath DayBorn Again: A Change in Body, Not a Change in Mind
Tithes and OfferingsPentecost
Abraham's SeedA Prophet Like Unto Moses
The Future Kingdom Identified by the PastThe Replacement of Two Laws, Replaced by the Intercessor
Sacrifice and Offerings and the Temple of GodSaved, Who is? and When?
The Soul is the Body, Not Inside the BodySpirit of God - Part 1
Spirit of God - Part 2Spirit of God - Part 3 & 4
The Three CovenantsThe Last Three Battles
Physician Heal ThyselfThe Circumcision
The Memorial of the Blowing of Trumpets
Grace, A Free Gift Obtained By Keeping The Law
Day of AtonementFeast of Tabernacles
World History Told By The Prophets8th Day Feast
Servants of God Separated and PersecutedThe Mystery of Iniquity
Hour Of TemptationMoses-Gods Prophet and Law Giver to all Generations
Servants of God;Who Is Who Isn't Their Fruit Will TellPunishment of Israel is from GOD
The GodheadThe Sabbath Day Who Moved It From the 7th Day to the 1st Day of the Week
Jesus And The New TestamentFrom Jehovah the Priest King to Jesus the Priest King
The Rapture, A Desire of Satan, Not GodThe Creation
A Famine In The LandThe Church & It's Teachings
Jesus The Sin OfferingThe Word of God
Black History Part 1 ColorBlack History Part 2 Slavery
Black History Part 3 SpiritualDeathResBlack History Part 4 The Priest of God
Black History Part 5 TheAdoptionTheMarkofTheBeast
The Dietary LawThe Stone Which The Builders Disallowed
The PassoverFrom the Tabernacle of The Congregation to the Temple of God
The Feast of Unleaven Bread 2015The Coming of the King of Israel to Proclaim His Kingdom in Peace & Take it by War
Jesus Resurrection on Saturday, Not SundayThe Quickening 2015
The Great Tribulation 2015From Eden to the Kingdom, The Beginning to the Beginning 2015
Marriage & Adultery 2015The Pentecost 2015
The Parable of the Sower of Seeds 2015The Government of God 2015
The 400 Years of Captivity 2015The Promise & The Time of It's Fulfillment 2015
From Zedekiah to the Wilderness 2015From the Wilderness to the Kingdom 2015
How We Enter the Kingdom 2015The Parable of the Vineyard 2015
Deliverance or Destruction 2015Born of the Water 2015
Salvation, What Would You Trade For It? 2015How Are We Called, Known Chosen? 2015
The Great Tribulation: 3 1/2 Years, Not & 2015The Memorial of the Blowing of Trumpets 2015
The Day of Atonement From the Sabbath To the Sabbath 2015
Spiritual Awareness or Rather Awareness of Spirits 2015Animal Sacrifice, The Forgotten Law 2015
Death & The Resurrection, Plain & Simple 2015The Church & The Gentiles 2015
Armaggedon 2015Sons of God Spirit, Spiritual, and Spirits 2015
Three Seeds of Abraham 2015Who Will Be Saved? Those That Abide In God's Love 2015
From The Divorce of Israel to the Marriage of the Lamb2015The Dead, Where Are They? Heaven, Hell or in the Grave 2015
Gabriel, The Spirit of Truth, The Messenger of God 2015The Shield of Faith 2015
Unto Judah Shall The Gathering of the People Be 2015Death & The Resurrection, Physical & Spiritual 2016
Jesus, The Lord Old & New 2016 The 70 Weeks of Daniel 2016
Sin & The Wages of It 2016 Personal Conduct 2016
Black History As Told By the Prophets Part I Color 2016 Black History As Told By the Prophets Part 2 Slavery 2016
Black History As Told By the Prophets Part III Spiritual Death & Resurrection 2016 Black History As Told By the Prophets Part IV The Priest of God 2016
Black History As Told By the Prophets Part V The Adoption 2016 The Dispensation of Paul 2016
The Kingdom of the Son of David 2016 The Law Spiritual and Holy 2016
Faith Without Works Is Dead 2016 Tithes And Offerings 2016
Man: Where Did He Come From, Heaven or the Ground? 2016 The Passover 2016
Sodomy 2016 The Feast of Unleaven Bread 1st-7th 2016
Thy Kingdom Come 2016 Man Created To Become God 2016
The Destruction and Restoration of Israel 2016 The Word of God, It Is Life & Power 2016
Death, A Tool Used By God, Not Satan 2016 Power Over The Nations 2016
The Sons of God Fallen & Recovered 2016 The Pentecost 2016
From Adam to the Jew 2016 From Babylon to the Millenium 2016
Food For Thought 2016 The Great Harvest 2016
Man & His Help Meet 2016 The Sabbath Day, Who Gave It? Who Changed It? 2016
The Law Compared To The Law 2016 The Baptism 2016
Another Jesus 2016 The Lord's Prayer 2016
Jesus In His Temple, Some Saints and Their Jobs 2016 Israel Replaced By His Brother Esau 2016
The Gospel By The Prophet Zechariah 2016 Head Covering of Women and The Lake of Fire, The Second Death 2016
Memorial of the Blowing of Trumpets 2016The Hope of the Resurrection 2016
The Day of Atonement 2016Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding 2016
The Feast of the Tabernacles 2016Jesus, The Unknown God 2016
The 8th Day Feast 2016Marriage and Family Conduct 2016
The Feasts of the Lord 2016Jesus Cannot Return, Nor Israel Be Gathered Until The Times of the Gentiles Is Fullfilled 2016
Spirit of Fear 2016What Will Be Raised, Body, Spirit, or Soul 2016
Songs of Solomon 2016The Big Switch 2016
From Heaven Will Come My Savior 2016Satan A Fallen Son of the Morning, A Weapon of God 2016
The Mission of Jesus Concerning Israel 2017Saved, Who Is & When? 2017
The Law and The Testimony 2017The Throne of David Will Be No More Until He Come Whose Right It Is 2017
Speaking in Tongues 2017Black History According to the Prophets Part 1 Color 2017
Black History According to the Prophets Part 2 Slavery 2017Black History According to the Prophets Part 3 Death & the Resurrection 2017
Black History According to the Prophets Part 4 The Priest of God 2017Black History According to the Prophets Part 5 The Adoption 2017
The Two Mountains of Brass 2017Sound Doctrine Replaced With Fables By False Prophets 2017
By His Spirit God Works, Be They Good Or Evil 2017Distractions 2017
The Passover 2017The Feast of Unleaven Bread 2017
The Two Promises of God, But Neither Is Heaven 2017The Abomination of Desolation 2017
Faith Come By Hearing But Obedience Through Fear 2017The Wilderness, The Place of Safety During The Great Tribulation 2017
The Lord's Sabbath Day, A Day of Rest 2017Spiritually Fit 2017
Born Again, A Change in Body, Not A Change In Mind 2017Tithes & Offerings 2017
The Pentecost 2017Abraham Seed 2017
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